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    Breaking Bad Sparks Global Piracy Craze

    where can I stream it ? Where can I buy it? Where can I watch it ? Nowhere.. I must say, I pirate cause netflix have like nothing on their page in my country, same with hbo.. seriously, licencing per country is just plain stupid. Watch music video on youtube, not avaiable in your country...
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    Texting While Landing A Passenger Airplane = Bad

    I have a friend who's a pilot, he says he does nothing after check list, and in the air he just watches. that in other countries, before and maybe now Norway disallow autopilot landing, Boing 737-800 series is very common aircraft in Norway as we are not densely populated and those planes are...
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    Apple Subpoenaed by U.S. on Google Mobile Search

    says the company who makes OS that doesnt let you change search provider... hmm, android needs to, why not windows phone ? ??? ? ? Microsoft are like a spoiled child...
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    Young People Followed SOPA News More Than Election News

    overseas in europe we look at republicans as comedy, it's not far from it. It's not the general republicans that are the comedy, it's who's running the diffrent campaigns.
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    AMD Details A New “Ambidextrous” Strategy

    I found it easier to read than those usual ones, it really tells the story of a honest real change instead of hidden facts in sentences. It tells a story about method of working, how products will be launched and is really easy to understand.
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    8.921.2 RC11 AMD Radeon HD 7900 Driver

    usually updates where driver doesnt contain CFX profiles for new games, so they don't need driver signing from microsoft. drivers include all previous from the time of signing, but not after, to bypass this problem they release profiles (CAP) to provide support for new games.
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    AMD Countering Ultrabooks With Ultrathin Notebooks

    check the video mr. It is very impressive!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    you guys in america might have 3gb 580's, doesnt exist here. Overclocked blablalba, most people would want stock cards. Low power consumtion Eyefinity out of the box. Good overclockability. More performance for your $$$ £££ €€€. How the hell isnt this a good launch, GTX580 is a damn good...
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    Google Does It Again: Buys More IBM Patents

    nope. Google wants to protect the handset manufactures and open handset alliance to gain more power whitin search. google figured out that cellphone business is a dirty business.
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    AMD "Bulldozer" FX Model 8150 CPU Overclocking Preview @ [H]

    Thats more like a review, rather than preview. but they cannot release any information on how fast it is so they can only release this kind of information answering one question alot of poeple are curious about, will it oc well on air. 2nd. (not far to many but still some) coldbug 3rd. (...
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    AMD Radeon Branded Memory On Sale In Japan

    you say so? The only thing that havent failed in one of the systems i use is the memory.. for a change, but the intel ssd died, the mobo with intel chipset and for the first time in my life, the cpu was the cause of bsod. This is highly unlikely, my most stable system will and will forever...
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    When Patents Attack Android

    it gets rejected before its taken to court.... that usually what happens.
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    HD5850 eyefinity issue.

    But I have used eyefinity with multiple cards without issues before, just disable CF and on I went... though not same screens... Oh well... I guess I'll have to order one from USA since those adapters are nowhere to find around here.... I have an adapter that comes with a HP Z800, I have no...
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    HD5850 eyefinity issue.

    I got 3 screens for a driving simulator. The issue is however, I can't get 3 screens to work, I got 2x 5850CF, disabled CF for eyefinity. HP1925 HP1950 HP1925 I can connect all to DVI, doesnt work two to DVI and one DP to DVI (passive, I know yeyeye) 2dvi one GFX1 1dvi on GFX2...
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    France Tracks Down 18M File-Sharers

    again, doesnt work here. so not even that works, see why europeans pirate more ?