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    Hey there! Were you serious about the 3090 trade? :) I have a boxed X-24 as well as a Roland...

    Hey there! Were you serious about the 3090 trade? :) I have a boxed X-24 as well as a Roland SCC-1 and SCD-15/SCB-55
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    A Look at 3dfx's Cancelled Rampage GPU

    Yep! Most of them are sealed in the original shrinkwrap. I've been collecting this stuff since 2010 and have always preferred items in their original box, sealed if possible. It just adds to the nostalgia seeing the boxes/boxart.
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    A Look at 3dfx's Cancelled Rampage GPU

    I'll just leave these here! My love for 3DFX knows no bounds.
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    Happy 24th Birthday Doom!

    Was 14 back then - oh to be young again! I remember I was so pissed because my parents' Packard Bell 316SX only had 2MB of RAM and this required 4. It would have been a chop-fest anyway but once I bought my own (first) computer, a Gateway 2000 P5-75, this was just butter-smooth... and the...
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    Best socket A/462 motherboard?

    They look ok to me. I guess we'll see!
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    Any 27"+ 16:10 displays?

    Good info. Thanks! I'll hold onto this one as long as I can then most likely move to a 27" 1440P GSync 16:9 panel down the road.
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    Best socket A/462 motherboard?

    Awesome! I just picked up a new old stock Nf7-s Rev 2.0 on ebay!
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    X58 users out there??

    Glad to see I'm not alone! Such a solid platform and reinforces my decision to spend a little extra back in the day.
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    Xonar Essence STX vs DAC?

    Wondering if those SP2500s are holding me back.
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    surveillance camera, motion detecting, write the video to a hard drive

    What software do you use for this?
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    Corsair H100 - Push Pull or Stock Config

    Thanks! I have the H100i. I appreciate the guidance.
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    Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200

    ^^ True! The less work for them the more attractive it becomes.
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    Intel NIC settings...a tweak too far?

    I leave Jumbo Frames alone as well.
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    need 24/7 internet - what are my options ?

    Good info here guys - Thanks! My father is looking to set up a home office and this will help!
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    Question about devices connected to a wireless bridge

    Confused as well - is there a physical CAT5/6 cable connecting the two devices?