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    WiFi Enabled Light Bulbs and other household stuff

    I have a few of the TP-Link 50w bulbs ($20 on Amazon), they're WiFi enabled so you don't need any sort of Z-Wave hub to get them working and they're Alexa compatible Very happy with them, mine only dim but I think TP has a color one too Depending how you're setup, a smart switch could be a...
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    Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Powerbeats2 / Jaybirds / etc. for Gym and such)

    I have the JayBirds, they sucked staying in the ear with the stock tips, but if you replace the tips, they stay in MUCH better Grab these...
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    Windows 8 odd mouse behavior

    You guys are right, it was the mouse... surprised.. never had that happen before..
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    Windows 8 odd mouse behavior

    no damage to the mouse I have not tried another yet system has been rebooted several times can't think of anything that would have damaged the cord between when it worked & failed, curious if anyone else had seen this problem... I'll grab another mouse from work to test with tomorrow though
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    Windows 8 odd mouse behavior

    I've been running into an odd issue with Windows 8, whenever I go to select text, or move a window around (any behavior where left-click is held down and I move the mouse) it seems to lose and then re-gain the left-click input. i.e. I'll hold left-click and start moving a window, the system...
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    Budget 2.0/2.1 speakers

    I just got the Swan M10's to replace Swan D1080's (moving the 1080s elsewhere) The M10's seem to have a better range of sound than the 1080's did (I'd attribute that to having tweeter, mid, and woofer, vs. just tweeter and woofer), definitely a bit less punch but I don't find it nearly as...
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    The Great Sound Card Debate

    Creative, last I heard, had moved away from doing much via the DAC and was mostly a software solution. Also as many games go Dolby (per console partnerships) the soundcard "game processing" matters much less. A good soundcard needs to have a good DAC and, for headphones, good AMP(s) Your...
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    New SSD Win7/Steam install - can I port my installs from old HDD?

    alright, I'm a bit of an idiot... this method seems to work OK for far cry 2, (I tested portal 2 before) so I'm thinking it might just be something special with Valve games... there were a few 'orange box' and other more general Valve files I'm guessing are related...
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    New SSD Win7/Steam install - can I port my installs from old HDD?

    I finally got an SSD and re-installed Win7, however I still have my HDD with all my steam games downloaded and installed connected to the system. What I'd like to do is just setup sym-links to the old installs and get my NEW steam install to recognize them... - just adding the symbolic...
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    Question for anyone that has a FiOS DVR

    Yes, she should have analog output, here's the latest FiOS DVR gear (Cisco sourced) RCA wiring diagram...
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    Android in my car

    details? that's pretty sweet... are you paying data for it?
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    Thinking about going legit on a few games and have some questions.

    @the OP, If you buy a game on Steam, you can play it on any computer so long as you're logged in with your Steam account. I've run my Steam on friends PCs to demo games at their houses, and also re-formatted and re-installed enough that I'm pretty sure I would have encountered any "you've...
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    PS3 vs Computer

    The best argument for a PC is that it permits you to do much more than just a console. With a console, you get games & media streaming, they do both tasks very well and relatively easily. With a PC you get that plus massive tools for content creation and learning. You can't write a program...
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    PC Gaming is too much work.

    To get a PC to run a game at 720p (console standard), you could easily continue using the same gear that came out when consoles came out. So at launch: $400 console vs. $300 graphics card Then over time: $10 premium for console games + (maybe) $50-60 year for Live! The rest of my PC I use &...
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    How to reduce interference noise?

    You can get EMI shielding plastics and construct a bit of a barricade. Easier way would be to route your cabling so it avoids as much as possible (pretty much anything in the case can cause EMI). Are you using a mini to mini connector, or are you connecting to the front-panel pins on the sound...