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    Long time pc gamer that loves pcs but age makes me like consoles now

    You’ve gone flaccid. (your gaming zeal and competitive spirit that is.)
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    It's 2020, are there any good surround sound headsets on the market yet?

    Price has over doubled from the original community kickstarter. At the current pricepoint, one could assemble a decent physical 7.1.4 system with something like a Denon x3700h AVR for $1,200 and 11, $200 Yamaha nearfield monitors, and a $800 HSU or SVS subwoofer. (Ironically the same kind of...
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    It's 2020, are there any good surround sound headsets on the market yet? I heard this at a trade show. If you have $4k to blow this thing is the real deal. They had a yamaha 7.1.4 setup in the room with Yamaha studio monitors to compare it to. They took inner ear measurements with their Realizer microphone system so it tailored the...
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    Review of CyberPower PC I bought. :(

    Glass doesn’t disintegrate without help. What really happened?
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    Any good videos/apps/tutorials to help playing with a KB & mouse?

    I think flick gaming used to be the way to do it. I grew up that way. 1999 unreal tournament, quake, etc—- that was the way. But as games get more advanced, engines with larger rendering distances, long distance firefights, I’m noticing a different path forward. I’ve been attending LAN...
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    <DEAD> 1TB HP EX950 M.2 NVME $125 @ Newegg

    Its not that way across their battery of tests. Different types of memory and different controllers have different strengths.
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    <DEAD> 1TB HP EX950 M.2 NVME $125 @ Newegg

    That's a very good drive and nice price! 1TB 2TB
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    Control Raytracing

    I turned RTX on and off multiple times in multiple scenes to try and compare. Rasterized lighting is very good in this game. I didn't see anything with RTX on that made me think this is must have technology. Reflections in pictures seemed to be about the most evident - which if you weren't...
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    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    So your rebuttal is you don’t like Z, and theres lots of competition, and he wants closed back. Only his preference for closed back conditions my recommendation. What is your specific recommendation? Surely its not for a unreleased, yet untested X3 or shp9600 after saying z reviews lack...
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    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    Game headsets stink. Even the Sennheiser Game Zero stinks. I returned it. I have heard a lot of headphones — all the way up to the Sennheiser 800 a good friend uses. Denon, Sony, Grado, Zalman, Sennheiser, Panasonic, Bose, etc... Get a Philips SHP9500 or SHP9500S (same thing different cord)...
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    Can you change the shelf layout on the entertainment center with a little carpentry work?
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    Matching the voicing is important for sound pans in cinema or music upmixing like Dolby surround. Id prefer to have a speaker from the same line as your L/R and place the speaker above or below the TV aimed directionally at your main listening position. Once you add a center about 70% of...
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    RGB 5050 LED Strips for lighting Home Theater speakers to look like AMC Prime.

    mashie, have you ever experienced this type of multi AVR setup? I wonder if there are problems with timing and delays - especially if not the same model AVR is used. Also how do you keep volumes synced and DSP modes synced? Seems too complicated to be a reliable experience - even with just...
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    WTB: Motherboard for i7-7700k

    You can buy a 1151 mining motherboard for next to nothing. Like $25 bucks online new on occasional sales, though maybe that bloodloss sale period has mostly ended as they look to be $50 now. Search for 1151 mining motherboard. They work just fine and have a single 16x pci-e slot that works at...