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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    I decided to keep mine. The only serious criticism that I have is that the AHVA glow on it seems more prominent than on the better IPS panels that I've seen, but I'm getting accustomed to it, and it's not intolerable or horrible.
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    Use manual mode. I never go with auto brightness garbage.
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    I had been using a 37" IPS LG tv for the past 4 years, finally decided to get a new monitor and skipped 1440p. Have had the Benq for 4 days and have mixed feelings. I can't detect dead pixels, and there is an acceptable level of Blb, but the IPS glow is more prominent than my TV, with more...
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    cooler master cosmos s gallery

    Hey, folks. Bumping an old thread... I'm thinking of getting one of these used locally. I really want the original Cosmos because I find it to be the most visually appealing. Now that some of you have had it for 5+ years, what are your current impressions of the case, especially its build...
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    Ungrade from HD 5870 for around 250$

    Blame consoles! However, I think that it's a good thing these software developers are forced to maximize the potential of aging hardware. It's much easier on our wallets when we don't HAVE to upgrade annually just to keep up.
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    Is my PSU good enough?

    Although the two that I've had never developed any problems in the short terms that I had them, I wouldn't trust that or any OCZ power supply, no matter its efficiency rating.
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    Xbox One Day One edition in-stock at Best Buy ($499.99)

    Might be due to lower supply because of GDDR5.
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    LG 55" LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV 55LN5100 $500

    Unsure if this is still the case, but at least in the past, some of the cheapest LG displays still used S-IPS panels (it's a lottery).
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    Joss Whedon DVD/Blu-Ray sale on Amazon Gold Box. TODAY ONLY!

    Other than Firefly, this guy's stuff is intolerable. Doll House was one of the biggest jokes on TV.
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    this is ridiculous

    It's only ridiculous because the base Silverstone model is more than enough.
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    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz - $89.99 (Amazon)

    Is it safe to declare this one of the greatest CPUs ever made? Up there with Conroe, the original G4, etc?
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    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz - $89.99 (Amazon)

    Got mine for $89.99 CDN at NCIX a few weeks ago. My only regret is that I didn't keep this chip a few years ago --it would have spared me a lot of wasted cash on building i7 systems that I didn't need!
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    Worth upgrading i7-950?

    Since you have it at 3.7GHz, why upgrade? New Intel sockets are too expensive for upgrades, IMO, until your current socket is too far behind (775). What games and at what resolution do you play if the 6870 is still not enough for you? Try CrossFire?
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    Wanted: 1920x1080, IPS, 24P capable, 72Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, best for movies

    He forgot about the part where CRTs will kill your eyes even at high refresh rates. I wouldn't want to read 5 words on a CRT these days, but one dedicated for 720p content (via computer, not cable box) might be intriguing.
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    Recommendations for 27" to 30" IPS.

    I love how this troll ignores the fact that the OP wants to use the monitor for gaming too, and presumably as a PC monitor. Most of the larger HDTVs have horrible input lag and questionable response rates, plus the lack of 4:4:4. Immersion for games is definitely important, but who says that...