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    FS: Sold

    Sold. Thanks.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I wasn't a big fan. The turn based version that they said was going to be in the game was just disappointing to me. I liked the live combat just fine, the biggest problem is that it made it feel like a current generation Final Fantasy game more than a remake. If I would have known that the idea...
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    How can I install a graphics card into my system, and which to choose?

    I've seen articles about both from companies like Zotac, but I have never seen them available for sale anywhere. I don't even know if they ended up releasing either.
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    How can I install a graphics card into my system, and which to choose?

    I've done builds in similar systems. You run into 2 issues. 1 - You need a low profile card that is also single slot. 2 - You should check to make sure that the PCI-E slot can provide the full 75w of power. I don't know about HP, but some Dell Optiplexes only offer 45-65w of power to the PCI-E...
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    Interesting PDF on hardening Windows 7 after end of support

    Huh. That was actually a good read. A good resource to link to anyone who still wants to brave using it.
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    Just wanted to clear this up: that message means you (the user) cannot update the computer. Windows will still update, this just means your are blocking yourself from initiating those updates.
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    MicroProse is back!

    The original was very hard but not frustrating. The new ones are very frustrating but not hard.
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    Old Guy Switching to Linux

    I used Mint when it first released Cinnamon as a DE and really loved it. I wanted to keep using it but the more I did the more problems came up. I never had them on the Mate version though so I used that for a while before Gnome 3.
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    G-sync On vs. Off in FPS games? (my observation).

    0 lag. Why would it?
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    Old Guy Switching to Linux

    I think you are getting bits and memory mixed up. Any flash drive above 8gb will be fine.
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    Distro Confusion

    Try some out. I highly suggest making a good backup of your computer and just diving in. You can do some basic testing just using a USB drive and running a live session, but you will really get a feel for a distro by installing and using it. Personally I LOVE Pop_Os. They have gone through and...
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    Old Guy Switching to Linux

    You don't need to install it, just run it live from a USB thumb drive. Especially if you are wanting to just test it out. I suggest Linux Mint or Ubuntu 20.04. Ubuntu just released 20.04 yesterday and its really good. AMD is fine, both on the CPU and GPU end.
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    Pop_OS! 20.04 releasing soon. Loving the beta so far.

    18.04 didn't play well with me so I have been using 19.10 for a while. I wanted to get on an LTS version so I jumped in the beta for 20.04 since Ubunbtu 20.04 is being released today. So far I love it, its been every bit as solid as 19.10 for me. Good stuff, I highly recommend it. Especially if...
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    All sold.

    You could always get two and enable mesh in your unifi controller :cool: :)
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    All sold.

    Bump. Access point still available. I’d like to sell it today as I’m heading to the UPS store to ship another item and want to save a trip. Price dropped.