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    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    Vapor chamber opened by Roman
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    Just ordered Z790 Aorus Master, worth jumping to 13th gen from 12th gen?

    Well then stock performance would be around 10-15% between them according to Hardware Unboxed results.
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    Just ordered Z790 Aorus Master, worth jumping to 13th gen from 12th gen?

    IPC isn't that different from 12th to 13th gen, however 13th gen seem to be more happy about higher clocks, at least when it comes to stock behavior. Individual golden chips do not apply :) . However this does increase consumption. Win some lose some. Personally i wouldn't do it, but if you...
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    13900k + 4090 Loop capacity

    ^Would this statement be true even for bottom mounted rads? Have an Enthoo Primo that is a bit closed off and wondering if this setup would help me as well.
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    What are the differences between Asus and MSI BIOS? (Z790)

    Think on my x299 it had a max of 3-5 pages of bios settings, so if it's still the same you're better of looking at some online OC tutorials on Youtube. But considering that most hardware is maxed out and at most you have to change 3,4 settings for 24/7 OC. Not tacking into consideration LN2 and...
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    What are the differences between Asus and MSI BIOS? (Z790)

    IMO, the MSI bios is cleaner, easier to use for most users. The ASUS bios has a tons of settings that for most users don't matter. However my main gripe with the Asus bios is that i find myself backtracking a lot to find specific settings after a few months of not using it. Where as when i was...
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    The monitor is interesting for what it is, however not at that price. Hopefully prices will start falling sooner rather than later.
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    AMD 7700X + 32G GSkill 5600 + Asus B650 Prime = 💩

    If your girlfriend is technically inclined she could reseat the CPU, take some attention on the CPU heatsink, how much pressure being applied. Only one memory dim would work as a troubleshooting step as well. It could be that one of the slots has some sort of issue. If not, the route with the...
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    Is It Worth Upgrading My GPU At This Point?

    This ^. Almost every newer processor will give you better results. Funily enough I upgraded my 2600K@4.5 and mobo to a 7820X@4.5 after jumping from a 1080 to a 1080 TI because i was getting the same results in the games I was playing at the time. However the 7820x was stuttering massively in...
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    Quick and easy overclock for a 12700kf and Asus Z690-P D4 Wifi board?

    The easiest one IMO would be to either let the Asus mobo OC it (but it will pump a lot of unnecessary voltage into the CPU => raising your temps) or going into Intel Extreme utility and just changing the multiplier settings. On my CPU I can go with 53x for 4 cores and 50x for 8 cores. Voltage...
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    I agree with you, it is a sorry state as it is. However taking into consideration the prices that these AIB's are charging for their custom designs and also the fact that even OCing is yealding, in most cases, academic results, things are very expensive with very little to show for it. The fact...
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    Leaked Zen 4 Benchmarks...

    Evidently tacking the numbers with a grain of salt, but yeah as you point out those ECO vs normal numbers really paint an interesting image. From my point of view for the standard user would be satisfied with the ECO numbers in most applications. Also guessing that OC will be a pain for most...
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    Probably the most level headed article up until now regarding this topic. Kinda sad to see them go, mostly due to their lenience in warranties regarding water cooling. However they have made a few mistakes in almost each generation of cards since Maxwell that may have lead them here. Besides...
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    Bulk thermal paste? Favorites?

    Arctic is good. For the prices you're posting here it's the clear winner. At some point used MX2 and 4 back to back. Both were good but i kinda liked the 2 more just because it was more easy to spread (5 is somewhere in between them on ease of spread). If that's not an issue for you go with the...
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    Did GeForce Partner Program really ended?

    Asus has a Strix for the 6900XT with all the bells and whistles :) . For the limits you need to look on AMD for this one. They are the ones locking up their cards. der8auer is touching on this subject a bit in this video (can't remember the time exactly, sorry) I'd attribute the lack of...