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  • Sure, what are you looking for specifically?

    If I were going to start from scratch and I was going to cool an i7 and 2 GTX260's, I would go with a Heatkiller V3 block (the LT will do fine), EK full cover water blocks for the GPU's, 2 MCP355 pumps, and 2 XSPC 120.3 rads. These parts are kind of expensive, but they are some of the top parts out right now while keeping prices within reason. You can find a good number of these parts used if you are looking to save money.

    If you can't find a HK CPU block the Koolance CPU350 is tied in performance or a close second.
    Heya...have been researching water cooling lately and saw your name come up on two different forums and was wondering if I could hit you up for some advice (your system specs are almost identical to mine). Being new to water cooling I have a shitload of research to do but I figured knowing someone who's well versed and has a similar setup would be supremely helpful in my endeavor.

    For reference, the two posts i'm referring to are:


    In any case, if you wouldn't mind helping a fellow hardware junky out i'd greatly appreciate it.


    - Mark
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