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    Amazon Enters the Ground Delivery Robot Market

    Well facial recognition is the easy part since every one post selfies on FB etc my beef is that it must take as much coal to burn to electrically recharge as your standard UPS truck burns gas. There is no green technology only shifting mega power from faction to another.
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    After 9 Years, Half-Life 2: MMod Is Available for Download

    Oh Schweet mother, i would buy this all over again. I guess they never made HL3 because we are so close to that in reality it is scary:droid:
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    NASA Is Considering the Sale of Advertising Rights on Spacecraft to Fund Missions

    It is not even about the funding from advertising. This is only another ginormous tax break angle for mega corps. No thanks I say, but I would like a space force T-shirt.
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    Ace Combat 7 Gets New VR Trailer

    Very disappointed. I did not see even one bi plane. Graphics looked alright though.
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    Study Claims A Quarter of Facebook Users Uninstalled the App

    My dad is an old coot of 78 and sometimes it is the only way I can get intouch with him. He is member of countless goat, tractor, farming pages and always chatting with his peeps. I mostly use it to upload our church video links from u tube. I originaly installed it to track my daughter but she...
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    HyperX Cloud Alpha on the Treasure Truck

    I am looking into wireless myself, possibly sound degradation yes but convience, since I can't kill our cat this is my next best option. Any good options recommended, I am no audiophile due to 45 years of construction but still want good sound? Isn't the Treasure truck like an icecream truck...
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    Battlefield V Trailer Features New Game Modes

    I am all on board and will be definatly purchasing this during the 2019 Christmas sale. Looks great and should prove to be fun, I am a sucker for WWI WWII stuff but I will grab this mostly for the single player campaigns.
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    Toyota Invests $500M in Uber

    I think that in due time we will discover that this is a money laundering scheme. It should not take 62Billion to make a company like this fly.
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    Metro Exodus Developer Eyes 1080p 60fps Target for Enabling Nvidia RTX Features

    All this tells me is that it may be time to upgrade my 660Ti to an 1060Ti. That is the price rage i would be willing to hit.
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    Metallica Shapes Live Performances Around Most Popular Tracks on Spotify

    L0L even though their music blows there sound and stage presence was much cleaner and the boobie flash to drunktard ratio was 100:1. I took my then girlfriend who became my wife so I at least got the prize.
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    Bank of America Downgrades Intel, Says “Biggest Risk” Remains Unresolved

    I believe that Merrel Lynch is the main downgrade, they cost me a small fortune in 2008 when my sell order took them 3 days.
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    Metallica Shapes Live Performances Around Most Popular Tracks on Spotify

    Sorry you find my opinion stupid, I just state the facts sir. Did they make a fortune.. yep.. do they suck ... yep I have seen them live 6 times and never once did they put on a good show. They are dried up asshats and I am happy that some people still love's the American Dream...
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    Metallica Shapes Live Performances Around Most Popular Tracks on Spotify

    This is all that needs to be said as it is the truth. I grew up on Kill em All however once Cliff passed they sucked on albums and much worse live. New Kids on the Block put on a better stage show than metallica. This band has been the most dissappointing ever
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    Thank you, I never played this but I reckon I will give it a go now. Looks fun
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    Big Star Labs Spyware Infected 11 Million Devices Before Removal from App Stores

    One used to hear about this crap a couple times every few years, then once a quarter now several times a week. This is not a joke this is all part of someones plan to collect information on the consumers/peasant and not one damn was given by anyone. At what point do we start seeing any form of...