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    Phantek Enthoo Evolv or Thermaltake Core P3

    Hi All, Thank you in advance for your help. I am torn between making a decision as to which ATX Case to get: 1. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass (Galaxy Silver) 2. Thermaltake Core P3 SE Snow Edition I wanted to perhaps get some of ya'lls feedback on this. Any experience? Is one better than...
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    EVGA or Gigabyte or Asus GTx 1070 Recomendation

    Hi, so I'm looking to build a new PC and will be having the following so far: 1. Case: Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass in Galaxy Silver 2. Processor: Intel i7 Processor (i7-6800K) 3. Motherboard: Asus X99-Deluxe II I'm stuck on which GPU to get. I'm thinking the EVGA 1070, but again NOT...
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    X99 Socket 2011v3 MBO Asus

    Snyder thanks for your feedback.. I will most likely go for the 6800. What GPU you recommend? Motherboard? In your opinion. I need something that handles compiling software, development of virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Thanks in advance.
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    X99 Socket 2011v3 MBO Asus

    Thanks for ya'lls feedback. I'm not sure by spending an extra 150 bucks it's worth the upgrade to get very the 6850 vs 6800 but I'll see. So I guess I'll stick with this Asus motherboard. What about a good GPU or are you just connecting your external monitor to a hdmi port on the mbo? I...
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    X99 Socket 2011v3 MBO Asus

    Hi. Thank you in advance for your support. I am currently in the process of building a new machine. After many years of work and all, I'm trying to build myself a kick*** system. I'm not a gamer, but want a fast machine. I am a programmer in Augmented Reality so I need power to compile programs...