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    My home theater / gaming PC

    Very nice! It's clean and well thought out. A lot of power delivery for a setup like that. I like the Denon X8500H. I'm pretty well content with the audio coming directly from my X3500H. I did have a problem with it. Long and somewhat loud music listening would trip thermal protection. I...
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    My home theater / gaming PC

    I did a version of the subwoofer crawl. In stead of using my ears, I used my eyes. The subwoofers looked the best in those spots.
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    My home theater / gaming PC

    I thought I'd post my PC here and get opinions about the setup. I use to be desk / desktop only, but since TVs and receivers have been more PC friendly I've transitioned into this. My work gets done on a laptop. My home desktop PC has always been mostly for entertainment. Gaming, movies, and...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    [/ATTACH] Some changes. Bigger front speakers with atmos speakers on top. More compact stand to bring the speakers inward and lower the TV to make it eye level for gaming. Moved existing front speakers to the rear. Added ambient lighting to the rear of the display. Oh, and a new Logitech...
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    Here Is the Samsung CES 2019 Livestream

    Game of "Throne" Yeah, I can tell he's a big fan.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    65" LG C8 OLED
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    Bethesda Is Giving Away Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics to Fallout 76 Players

    I hope it does. I'd love to see the "fallout" from it.
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    Why video card prices are still so high?

    Why would someone buy a 1080Ti for $2,000 when they can order a new Titan Xp directly from Nvidia for $1,200?
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display

    I'm excited about the Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard and lapboard unveiled at CES. It would go well with this display.
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display

    This is my computer chair. My home PC doesn't require a desk.
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display

    You could use the optical out on the motherboard for audio input on the receiver using TOSLINK. Then plug the displayport cable directly into the TV.
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display

    The Razer Turret isn't all too comfortable at first. I had to learn to relax my arm muscles. I also had to learn how to grip the mouse and use higher DPI settings. After that it has been comfortable after hours of gaming. I actually bought the Turret in March of last year. Didn't use it...
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    [Official] 2017 NVIDIA Titan Xp Owners' Thread

    That's a massive difference. I'm glad I bought two Titan Xp cards and not the poor commoners 1080 Ti.
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    OLED 4K 30" 60 Hz - Dell UP3017Q

    Nope, not the monitor for me.