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    Looking for a very specific switch for a wireless project.

    Cisco SG300-10MPP comes pretty close... 8 1Gb POE+ ports and a total POE budget of 124W (just short of your requirement). 2 1Gb SFP ports We've had a SG300-10P running in a very basic metal outdoor enclosure for several months, summer was fine but it has not yet seen a winter (Michigan)...
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    Anyone upgraded their HP A-series 5800/5820 from Comware v5 to v7 yet?

    I wonder which models got Comware7? We run the JC101B, and I do not see a Comware7 image available for it. Good to know there's at least one other person on here running Comware! lol
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    Drawing network map

    You could just get really, really good with Visio...
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    Need to simulate various latencies and bandwidths in virtual network

    Vyatta can do this as well, or VyOS now I guess. I believe the shapers can even be applied to bridge interfaces.
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    20-24u wallmount rack suggestions

    I used a smaller version of one of these for a project and thought it was pretty nice. It's all perforated metal, the sides are easily removable but locked in place when the front door is locked.
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    Perforated 1RU Blanking Panels?

    Wouldn't perforated blanking panels sort of defeat the purpose? I've never seen them.
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    Modify HTTP traffic on the fly

    At first read, I assumed you could use specific criteria to trigger a task with Squid, but I don't see a way to do it. My quick research led me to this though, looks pretty interesting...
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    Help with fiber setup

    I didn't look up your switch, but the optics just need to match on both ends, if your power connect will take SFP modules, they don't need to be dell specific, its all the same stuff.
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    Help with fiber setup

    A non-dell SFP will likely work in the powerconnect just fine. There are SC Cisco 100BASE-FX SFP's on ebay for ~$30, seems like it's worth a shot for the simplest solution.
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    Networking 2 homes

    I certainly wouldn't worry about it in the OP's case, but it almost definitely IS against the ISP's TOS. For instance, my provider is Wide Open West, from their TOS:
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    lol, I saw your message prior to edit and was racing to reconfigure in PT, you beat me to it. I think this wont work in my IOU example because it needs a third device to generate the ARP request, the router wont do it on it's own. Glad you posted this, I learned something. Thanks!
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    RTR1 e0/0 - Physically connected to RTR2 e0/0 no ip routes, no ip default-gateway RTR2 e0/0192.168.2.1/24 - Physically connected to RTR1 e0/0 lo0 no ip routes, no ip default-gateway RTR2#sh ip int br Interface...
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    It's packet tracer BS, I just recreated in IOU and it does not respond, as expected.
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    But the switch doesn't have a return route, it can't ping, why can it route through it? (Not the OP, btw). I think it's a goofy packet tracer thing. [Edit] I take that back, I recreated in PT, and it CAN ping The switch seems to be guessing it's next hop, even though it's...
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    Structured Cabling Question

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts. All uplinks are on diverse path fiber port channels so we're good there, another good reason for not running copper between floors. Oh, and the floors are small, runs are definitely well within the 100m spec.