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    Note 3 vs LG G3

    I'll chime in. I've used the note 1 to 4, G2 and G3. When my wife shattered her G2, then accidentally ran it over, I gave her my G3 and "upgraded" to a note 4. I do enjoy the 4. It's a nice phone. Good screen and battery. TouchWiz is crap and it's bloated as hell. The G3 has just as good battery...
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    No tin foil hat here. I give not a shit about brand loyalty. I go with what works for me. My advice is always try it out. Especially with phones. Almost everyone will give you a 14 day test drive. If it works, use it, if not, take it back. I happen to love this phone. Maybe ill love the note 4...
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    The HTC one was praised for its apple like properties and its a pretty nice phone. The problem with mobile is there is not an unbiased source for information and reviews. The favorites are picked based on ad income and insider peeks. Just look at wearable devices. Ugh.
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    I dont think T4rd has had a G3. Sometimes we get wrapped up in specs and not in use. I read the reviews, tried one and never looked back. Sometimes specs lie. Most of the time they dont tell the truth. I cant wait to play with the new nvidia tab. I have hope that they may break the mold of the...
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    Tell me that the knock feature isnt friggin brilliant!
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    And come on. Anand is a legendary samsung/apple shill. Hell, most sites have been purchased by apple or samsung. If not then LG and HTC would be the top phones. Propaganda at its finest. We need [H] to review phones. Atleast we know Kyle and co arent owned by any allegiance.
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    T4rd, i went from a G2 to G3. Big improvement. The article you posted is bullshit. As the only poster who actually owns and uses the phone, it is superior to every one i have tried before or since. If you want specs, then go to apple and their made up nomenclature for existing tech. I go by use...
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    Why no love for LG G3?

    I love mine. Purchased the Qi back and its nearly perfect. No problems with battery or gaming at all. This is my computer when not home now. No need for laptop or tablet. I usually charge nightly, but have 10+ hours of screen time. Probably half wifi half cell use. A few hours on calls. Tons of...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Awesome draw! This would bring a smile to my sons for Christmas.
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    Core i3-2100 ECC memory?

    I know you are trying to help, but if you don't know absolutely, don't reply. All Intel and AMD processors are able to use ECC. They aren't going to change the core memory controller physically for consumer vs server product. It all comes down to micro code. AMD allows ECC on just about...
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    X79 Mobo Suggestions?

    I'm taking the plunge next week. Either the WS or Rampage for me. I love gigabyte boards, but I just can't pay $400 for something that looks like a kids toy.
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    Core i3-2100 ECC memory?

    You need to use a C202, c204, or c206 chipset motherboard (server/workstation class) for ECC to work on the i3 CPU's.
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked

    If true, it looks like AMD is aiming beyond the typical 1080p gamer. Finally paying attention to we eyefinity and 30" users. This and the rumors of 1800p and 4k monitors getting more afordable makes me smile. Time to pull everyone out of the HDTV res funk and back to the old days of huge resolution!
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    SeaSonic New Arrivals! X-1050 Gold & X-860 Platinum

    The hale90's are damn nice, but the seasonic x-1000 is just crazy. Sure it's expensive, but i'll be damned if i've seen any voltage move more than .01