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    After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors

    I took the liberty to make a correction :barefoot:
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    “Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk” in Daughter’s New Memoir

    “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?"
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    just went to Fox News, it says 2 dead not 4 ??? but what caught my attention was the ad banner above the headline ... auto ads know no mercy (I removed the name of the company from the banner)
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    personally speaking, I don't come here daily to read about hardware reviews. I come here: - to read the latest happenings/insights in the tech industry - to ask/give hardware/software help when it's needed - to get/give a few chuckles (some of the videos posted here at [H] are the most...
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    18-Year-Old YouTube Star, “McSkillet,” Kills Mother, Daughter in Fiery Crash

    Is this Fox News website? I would have sworn I clicked the [H]ard|Forum link in my browser's tool bar
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    1080 ti purchase, bat in the house, lost my glasses....

    just another day in Paradise :barefoot: but you must have been a sight to behold and I just have to ask ... did you use the towel as a cape?
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    CONFIRMED. nVidia RTX 2080 Ti 50% faster in games over the 1080 Ti!

    far as I'm concerned it's the same difference, per se
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    AMD Officially Lowers the Pricing on Ryzen Threadripper First Generation Processors

    thanks for the heads up - I haven't been tracking the pricing of TR ... the price on the 1900X is very tempting, that will be the CPU used for my next build
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    Nvidia Allegedly Terminates Sponsorship for Stance Against Preordering Hardware

    so, yea Kyle ... sign that NDA (not) free? ANY reviewer worth reading doesn't need 'free' ... I bet you voted "yes"
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    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    that's not the point. The point is while R&D is still going on and improving it until it actually is worth the $$$ people are paying for it, as though it's a done deal already - like what happened with physX
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    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    "You're so right." (out comes the light saber ... woooosh)
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    Taiwan Develops Smart Public Bathrooms with Emergency Call Center Capabilities

    we need that here in the USA, you know, for the Public transgender bathrooms
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    A Different Kind of Liquid Cooling for a Server

    nice post :barefoot: