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    AMD Computex 2019 Livestream

    I am not remembering at the moment, but that is higher than the expected prices right?
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3000 is a 16-core Socket AM4 Beast

    If you didn't buy the x3 and unlock to x4 you were doing something wrong. :).
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    Looking for mid-range phone, ~$250-300

    Swappa has some great deals if you don't mind used. I just picked up a LG v30 plus for $230 in mint condition for the wife. I purchased my V30 a year or so ago and love it.
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video @ [H]

    That PCB looks empty compared to nVidia 2xxx series. Anybody feel AMD is sandbagging?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Rumored with 1536 CUDA Cores

    Its too bad it isn't the same amount of CUDA cores at 2060 at $100 cheaper, that would have sold off the shelves like mad. RTX and its adopter fee is dumb, the cards can't benefit at the current processing capabilities.
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    WTT or WTB: 1150 MB for a good cause

    I believe the extra 8 or 6 pin actually powers the drives. So instead of the powersupply going to them, they power from off the motherboard.
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    WTT or WTB: 1150 MB for a good cause

    Next Day Bump.
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    WTT or WTB: 1150 MB for a good cause

    Bump. The Dell might be an option but definitely not the first choice.
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    WTT or WTB: 1150 MB for a good cause

    I have a high school student in my programming class that has been waiting a while to fix his broken PC, he finally ordered online and unfortunately was scammed ordering from a bad web site. Let me know if you have a board available for a good cause, looking for something inexpensive that...