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    Dell SB BFG Geforce 7900GTX OC 512mb $389.25+tax

    I hate to just rail on a company when they have normal everyday snafus and normally incompetent personnel. So I will rail on DELL instead. My order was supposed to ship today too. Now seeing as how DELL must have some MAJOR weight with vendors, you'd think that they would probably get...
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    Dell 2405 for $639

    Then you know something the rest of us don't. Even though Sony has said that they will not turn on HDCP initially, there is no reason to doubt that they will when and if Blu_Ray becomes mainstream. All analog monitors without HDMI/HDCP are in the unenviable position of being potential...
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    Since a 144 clocks to the same as a 146, Is there some reason that I would want to pay more for the 146 ? or am I mistaken ?
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    Save 20% on the 2405FPW

    Careful... The 6ms version of this is rumored to be coming soon and that will be much nicer for gaming. See the Samsung SyncMaster 244T
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    Best air cooling for a Opty 165

    And, of course, there is the Typhoon, I like the Ninja as well though.