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  • Hi,
    Do you still have a 2209WA monitor profile ? The old one you uploaded years ago was on Megaupload, which is already dead.
    Are you still using the 2209WA? If yes, I'm wondering if you still calibrate it.
    Hey Jon,

    I can't say because I've never used the E228WFP, but it shouldn't be very very different.
    Hi, and sorry for disturbance.
    I would like to know difference between coating on u2412,zr24w and e228wfp,cause i have the last one and that kind of coating i got used to,do not like any glare type(like on laptops,hate mirror image).
    thanks in advance.
    Hi there,

    I am waiting for a new monitor from dell since the U2412M that I got has yellowish tint....is it problem common?? All the dell ISP monitors I have bought (3 U2311H and this one) had this problem...I'm starting to think everyone has it because I might be more intolerant regarding the issue..
    I don't have a screen shot because my nVidia card is in right now, but these are the parameters I use:

    Horizontal Geometry

    Active = 1920
    Front Porch = 48
    Sync Width = 32
    Back Porch = 80
    total = 2080

    Vertical Geometry

    Active = 1200
    Front Porch = 3
    Sync Width = 6
    Back Porch = 26
    total = 1235

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks. I'm using an ATI; I was looking for custom resolution options in the driver. Now I'm trying to find custom timings in PowerStrip that work.

    If you have an ATI card, could you please take a screenshot of your PowerStrip "Custom Resolutions" page for 1920x1200?
    You have to set a custom resolution of 1920x1200@60hz manually, Nagromo. Automatically both nVidia and ATI video cards will only see it as a 1080p TV type device.

    If you have an ATI card you will need a utility like Power Strip or multires to create custom timings.

    With nVidia you can just create a custom resolution for 1920x1200 at 60hz and use CVT Reduced Blank timings and it should work under "Custom Resolutions" in NV Control panel
    Hey e10, I found this thread where you say it took some finessing to get your FP241VW to work at 1920x1200 over HDMI. I just got a FP241VW and I want to hook up one computer over DVI and another over HDMI. Could you please elaborate on what it took to get this to work?
    He 10 e , first thank you for all the helpful info you are always passing along to us ! And secondly, I just purcheased the Dell 2209wa, should arrive fri 29th :)
    I read at the anandtech forums that you had a mini review posted here, however i am unable to locate it. Basically I would like some ideas to get me close to calibration on it when it arrives..such as gamma, brightness, etc... and should i use its' controls to adjust my settings or my GPU ( 8800gt) ?

    I can afford to buy the spyder 2...67.00 or so at newegg...but the better ones are way out of my price range...would it still be worth purchasing that calibration tool?

    Sorry if this is pestering you, lol but I trust no one here more than your opinion :)
    dowen2519@comcast.net ps...if you ever need a pool or spa built in the sacramento area...lol, look me up !
    Hi, I've read a lot of your comments regarding dell 2408wfp and benq g2400w. Can you reply to my queries in the BenQ g2400W thread? Thanks..
    Forgot to mention that no 1080p on the 2209wa was the other reason I was bothered. Should I be bothered by the size and no 1080p?
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