zero day

  1. modi123

    IOS zeroday: Pegasus, update all iOS devices.

    Update your IOS devices today, and let your family/friends know. Seems like a pretty nasty zero day using the Pegasus spyware and is via rendering images on display.
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Google Discovers Vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows 7

    Google just publicized a combination of zero-day exploits for Windows 7 and Chrome that are reportedly being exploited together in the wild. The bug in Chrome allegedly involved the browser's file reader, while the vulnerability in Windows "is a NULL pointer dereference in...
  3. FrgMstr

    17 Year Old Zero Day Microsoft Office Flaw Fixed

    When this flaw came about we were still freaking out about Y2K ending the world. Well, Y2K turned out to be about as bad as the new ice age in the 70's. But unlike the new North American Ice Age, Global Warming, Polar Ice Cap Destruction, and Global Warming, Microsoft has actually fixed this...
  4. Schtask

    Security Products Are No Match For The Double Agent

    Security researchers at Cybellum have identified a Zero-Day attack that grants full control over many Antivirus solutions on the market today. Born from the ashes of a 15 year old Microsoft tool, Cybellum has named this attack "Double Agent". Double Agent uses Microsoft's fairly ancient "MS...