1. T

    XOne controller differences

    So i usually open up any device i receive or use to see how its designed and how it works, and which pieces could be reused, and found some interest in Xbox one controllers recently, I've used the 1537 and the 1697 and if i remember correctly, the bumper design is different and not compatible...
  2. Armenius

    Titan Quest coming to all current-gen consoles in 2018

    https://www.thqnordic.com/article/titan-quest-coming-all-current-gen-console-platforms-2018 Titan Quest, the best Diablo 2 clone out there, is coming to PS4, XB1 and Switch in 2018 (EDIT: XB1 and PS4 version releases March 20, with the Switch version TBD). The game is also seeing a relaunch...