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    .htaccess file redirecting http://www.domain.com to https://domain.com

    So, I know virtually noting about the .htacess file other than some very basic ideas of what it is used for. Mine is huge (142 lines), I think primarily for the WordPress cache plugin I use, which makes it all that more confusing. But I digress. My current site will redirect...
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    Hello everyone, I like to know if it is in an easy way possible to get dolibarr (CRM) linkt to my wordpress site? I searched for information but didn't find anything usefull. Is it possible and if yes, how do I do that? Thank you
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    'FakeUpdates' Campaign Leverages Multiple Website Platforms

    Malwarebytes Labs has written a very in depth article on their blog about a malware campaign that they are calling "FakeUpdates." The campaign uses vulnerabilities in multiple website Content Management Systems to inject malicious code that prompt users that a program on their computer is out of...
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    Over 5,000 WordPress Sites Infected With Keylogger

    In a blog post by Securi, it has been found that 5,482 WordPress websites infected with a keylogger. The malware, hiding as "cloudflare.solutions" was a part of a larger infection that injected a fake jQuery and Google Analytics script that was in reality a CoinHive cryptocurrency miner. If...