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    First impressions on Vive Wireless on Gen 1 HMD

    Pros: Very simple install, very simple software setup. Apart from initial hiccup (having to reinstall SteamVR), it just...worked. Easy to swap out cables. Very comfortable to wear, once all installed. Cons: Because of how large the headset mod is, if you wear over-the-ear headphones and not...
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    Xbox One Controller Not Connecting After Using In Rift

    I've had this problem for a while and I finally tracked down the source of the problem. I have the Rift that included the Xbox One controller and wireless adaptor. What I have found is that if I use the controller in a Rift game, after the controller hibernates, it will not re-connect to the...
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    TPCAST Wireless Vive Kit Review

    If you are a Vive owner you'll no doubt want to check out this review of the TPCAST wireless unit over at UploadVR. How do you test a wireless adapter for a VR headset? Have a gymnast do back flips while playing a game. I'm not kidding. :D I wonder how well this would work with our VR...