windows 10 errors

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    How to Stop Windows 10 From Updating??

    Can anyone tell me how to stop Windows 10 from updating? Here's my new situation. Now the other problem I had with the other machines. They're both the Acer machines, but with Windows 10 version 1709 OS Build 16299.214. ALL machines that had this build would not install. .Net 3.5 Framework no...
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    CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT Error on Windows 10 Installation

    Ok, I'm trying to fix 3 or 4 computers that are networked at a small business. Their problems started about 2 weeks ago. All the computers that had this problem was using Windows 10 x64 Home or Pro and ALL the computers that are having problems are running Windows 10 v 1607 to 1703. I believe...
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    GPUBoost_nvidia.exe Process Error

    This problem just popped up a couple of days ago. The only thing that changed was I installed The Evil Within 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Those are the only two programs I installed since I started getting this error. "Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware...