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  1. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Howdy! What is the difference between 4K 42" TVs and 4K 42" computer monitors? Why would I want to choose a TV over a computer monitor, vice versa?
  2. S

    10ft/3m USB 3.1 Type C Male to HDMI Male 4K Adapter

    I recently purchased a MacBook for my wife, and realized we needed some cables as the ones we'd used for her old MacBook were all obsolete now. So I went a little crazy and picked up a few different adapters, knowing I'd likely need them for myself when I upgraded. I honestly expected that this...
  3. cageymaru

    Samsung UN60KU6270 60" 4K Ultra HD HDR is $597 @Wal Mart or Best Buy & More!

    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide. This is written by Zarathustra[H]. Reading this is more important than looking at the TVs. On to some of the TVs. There are a bunch on sale! Best Buy seems to...