1. cageymaru

    Tinder Parent Companies Sued for Allegedly Undervaluing the App by Billions

    Tinder co-founders along with current and former employees are suing IAC and Match group for purposely undervaluing the company in 2017 when it hastily combined the Tinder and Match properties. Tinder employees were supposed to receive 20% of Tinder stock options and evaluations of Tinder's...
  2. R

    Tinder Swipes Left, Sues Bumble

    The Match Group, the company that owns TInder, has filed a lawsuit against rival Bumble. Fortune is reporting that the lawsuit claims Buble has infringed on two patents, one “matching process system and method,” and “display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface of a mobile...
  3. R

    Sneaky Ways App Developers Get You Addicted

    In a report from Business Insider, Jonathan Kay, chief operating officer of app analytics firm Apptopia goes into several of the ways that app developers use to get people hooked on using them. The article is incredibly detailed, going from Instagram's push notifications, to Twitter using the...