1. AlphaAtlas

    AMD Talks 3D Stacking at Rice Presentation

    AMD has talked up their "chiplet" based approach used in their upcoming products, and according to some reports, Marvell is already selling products based on the chiplet concept. But the next logical step from that approach is to move from 2D to 3D, where different dies are "stacked" on top of...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Mixes Atom, Core and 3D Stacking in Lakefield

    At their CES 2019 press conference, Intel refreshed their desktop processor lineup with IGP-less variants and unveiled the "Sunny Cove" CPU architecture in their laptop Ice Lake SOCs, but one of the most interesting designs Chipzilla displayed at the announcement is undoubtedly "Lakefield." The...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Announces Sunny Core CPU Architecture, 3D Stacking and More

    Intel made a flurry of new announcements at their recent "Architecture Day" event. Among other things, they revealed an "industry first" 3D chip stacking technology called Foveros, the Sunny Cove CPU architecture, and Gen11 integrated graphics. Check out our coverage of the event here.
  4. DooKey

    TSMC Reveals Wafer-on-Wafer Chip Stacking Technology

    TSMC is showing off their new Wafer-on-Wafer (WoW) chip stacking technology and it might be a boon for multichip solutions in the future. The technology allows two dies to sit on top of each other and this allows interconnects to be very short and minimizes transfer times between them. Imagine...