1. Schtask

    Experimental Shishiga Malware Targets Linux

    In the real world, the Shishiga has taken on a more ethereal form. Researchers at ESET have discovered a nasty piece of malware that operates by brute-forcing weak telnet and SSH credentials on the Linux OS in an effort to plant itself on a victim device. Upon first inspection, Linux/Shishiga...
  2. Cerulean

    What version of SSH / OpenSSH is the latest version of ESXi 6 running?

    I am also needing the version number of SSH / OpenSSH in the latest HPE image of ESXi. Nevermind. I wasn't able to run the HPE image as a VM (need real HP hardware), and in vanilla ESXI 6 VMware removed the -v version parameter from SSH. They should get a slap on the wrist. My purpose here on...