1. d3athf1sh

    Microsoft workers listening in on cortana/skype calls. Found this a little unsettling. but what do we expect at this point amazon, apple, and google all do the same thing.
  2. DooKey

    Consumers Turn Against Skype Since Microsoft Acquisition

    Skype was once one of the most popular if not the most popular calling service on the internet. Things changed when Microsoft acquired them for $8.5B in 2011 and then proceeded to make Skype a business product that they now bundle with Office 365 and try to steal customers from Cisco. Many...
  3. R

    Microsoft Bans Use of "Offensive Language" On Xbox Live and Others

    Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Services Agreement today, with one of the new policies banning "offensive language" on it's services. The new changes go into effect May 1st, and cover all Microsoft services including, Skype, and Xbox Live. So think twice the next time you want to call...
  4. TeK-FX

    Help understanding CALs

    I was recently hired to work for a small company that has about 80 users on a domain. I would like to setup a Skype for Business server to replace the aging Pegasus email system they use for internal communication since their licensing is running out soon. What I do not understand is the CAL...