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    Please could someone take a quick look at my failed RAID 6

    If anyone could help on this I would be extremely grateful. We have a RAID 6 running on a 1880x STORPORT. After a power failure to the external RAID box during slacktime (the computer was on, but nothing was running on it, so no data being written), the BIOS startup screen stated that RAID...
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    [H]ome SAN Build

    Looking for feedback on this build before pulling the trigger. I am currently running a decommissioned HP workstation for my home server with ESXi 6. The system has six WD Red Pro 6TB drives running in RAID6 with an Areca ARC 1880i RAID controller. The system has had a few random shutdowns...
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    Areca 1882i/1883i slow raid 5/6 writes

    Hi all, Sorry this turned into a TL:DR. I am in the process of setting up a new home storage server and I am experiencing very bad write speeds on both an Areca 1882i and 1883i. The current setup is the following: HDDs:12x Seagate ST3000VN000 3TB 5900RPM (8 of the drives are ~14 months old...
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    File Integrity @ WHS 2011

    Hi all, I'm interested in knowing a little bit more about file integrity with Windows systems. I have a WHS2011 with 16TB in Raid6, I don't feel any problems with loosing data since I am running Raid6 and will also start to make monthly (enough for me) backups to LTO5 Tape. I am curious...