raid 10

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    Will dropping/recreating the RAID endanger the data? (edit: RAID Recovered)

    Hey folks, I'm working on recovering files from a lost RAID 10 partition, and am trying to do things slowly and deliberately so I don't make an unrecoverable 'oopsie.' Background: This was a software RAID 10 built with 4x 3TB drives using IRST on an ICH10R (Intel X58) controller. I don’t know...
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    Windows 10 - RAID 10

    I currently have Windows 10 installed on a Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB SSD and have a WD 1TB HDD for storage. I am adding 3 more HyperX SSD's to make a RAID 10 array. I will put the OS and programs on the array and continue to use the other drive for storage. In the future I may add a second 1TB...
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    ASUS Z170 MoBos: which will allow raiding 2 M.2s + 2 U.2s still having 2 free sata ports?

    Hi everybody I would appreciate a clarification on the possibility of configuring a bootable raid 10 with 2 Samsung 950 PROs + 2 Intel 750 SSDs, still keeping 2 extra free sata ports for hard drives. I was considering either the Maximus Extreme or the Z170-WS or the Z170-Premium which comes...