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  1. dvsman

    Online storage question - must be windows / newb friendly?

    I'm looking for a cheap / free way to share files with my folks / family overseas. I normally use Onedrive (I'm running the Office 365 1TB package) and Google Drive (Free version) - but I don't want to tie the files to my personal accounts in case something happens to me / them. Also the reason...
  2. M

    French Duo Decodes Bitcoin QR From TV Broadcast

    In an interview on French television, entrepreneur Roger Ver offered $1,000 worth of bitcoins (about 3 bitcoins at the time) to viewers. The only catch was the QR code was blurred out during most of the broadcast. Fortunately, two enterprising hackers took it upon themselves and noticed the code...
  3. Schtask

    Stealing Browser History With Ambient Light

    Lukasz found that the light that is gloriously eminating from a monitor can be picked up by the ambient light sensors in a mobile device. If an end user takes a leisurely stroll to a malicious domain, an attacker can determine their browser history. The attack itself is able to work by parsing...