1. R

    Bride Ordered to Pay Photographer $89k for Posting Nasty Reviews

    Dpreview is reporting that Emily Lao has been ordered to pay wedding photographer Kitty Chan $89,000 in defamation damages after posting statements that the judge called "egregious, accusatory and vitriolic." Chan was forced to shut down her business in 2017 as a result of the online attacks...
  2. R

    Western Digital Launches Rugged Portable SSDs

    In a press release today, Western Digital is launching a line of rugged SSDs aimed at photographers under it's "G-Technology" branding. The SSD-R Series is USB-C, IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, shock resistant to up to a 9.8ft/3m drop onto concrete, and can withstand up to 1,000lbs of...
  3. noclevername

    Feedback please

    I am a photographer. Have been for 10 years or so, but as of a few years ago I got much more serious. My question is can I get some feedback on my work. My website is and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Both positive and negative feedback back are welcome.