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    Anandtech: GlobalFoundries Sues TSMC Over Patent Infringement; Apple, Qualcomm, Others Named Defenda

    Those who can't, Patent Troll:
  2. cageymaru

    Software Patents Stifle Innovation

    Jonathan Rosenberg is the VP/CTO Collaboration at Cisco, SIP lead author, and a VoIP industry pioneer. He has written a blog post about the vagueness of software patents and how this has created the modern day patent troll. Patent trolls are companies that don't make a product but collect...
  3. cageymaru

    Groupon Faces Lawsuit from IBM for Failure to License Early Internet Patents

    IBM is seeking $167 million from Groupon for failure to purchase a license for patents such as "single sign on" technology where a customer can sign into a website with a user ID and password from another company. An example of this would be signing into Groupon with a Facebook or Google ID...