1. L

    Napp-it issues with NFS

    Hello, I hope I can get some help with napp-it since I really like it. For samba setup it works flawlessly. However for NFS setup I'm starting to lose my hair for NFS. Normally on GNU/Linux (or FreeBSD) you setup a new group (adduser/useradd with its GUI) and a new user (with its UID) on the...
  2. R

    Need For Speed Rivals, remove pedestrian cars?

    Anyone know how to edit this game to do this? Everything about it makes it one of my Favorite NFS games except for the pedestrian vehicles. I want to shut them off. It would also be cool to increase the power of the shock wave. But the other is the priority. Even a trainer that could do...
  3. J

    Physical vs. Virtual FreeNAS + iSCSI vs. NFS: performance testing results.

    Hi everyone, I've wanted to see how well FreeNAS would perform in back to back tests on physical vs. virtual hosts on the same hardware for a while now and finally have all the parts together to do some initial testing. My vision is to have a single box that can do it all for my homelab and...
  4. N

    Help needed with VMware, Torque, NFS - for school

    Hi everyone :) I may sound like a n00b but I could really use some help with my school project that will define my grade. Professor told me to install VMware and install 3 virtual machines, then to use NFS so clients can see a machine on server, and then to use Torque (PBS) to submit a result of...