lan party

  1. L

    500 BYOC Gamer Reunion

    Tickets are ON SALE NOW!!! For over 17 years, LANFest has been hosting events across the US. We are a community of passionate gamers raising money for local charities. Get ready for 3 days of ultimate gaming LANFest-style. You are personally invited to attend LFG (LANFest Gaming). The family...
  2. S

    [MassiveLAN Party] Summer 2019 - Jul 12-14 - Hamburg, NY - 400 BYOC Seats

    MassiveLAN will be supporting WNY Heroes as their charity. When you buy a seat, you get a whole weekend of gaming with friends, tournaments, chances to win prizes, and all proceeds go to charity. PC, console and board games will be available. There is not a better way to do it all! LANFest is...
  3. cageymaru

    North Koreans Play PC Games over LAN Networks According to Defectors

    North Koreans love to play PC games according to defectors arriving in South Korea. It is believed that the games are smuggled in from China and distributed by USB stick. PC gamers in North Korea connect their computers to form a LAN network and have a LAN party. Some of the most popular...
  4. noclevername

    Possible start to a monthly LAN party Northern Colorado

    One of my local game stores (board, card, console games etc) always does events. They host many events ranging from card game tournaments to console game tournaments the like. My favorite was an 18+ only BYOB Cards Against Humanity tournament they did a few times. Since they like to do things...
  5. FrgMstr


    The Frisco Roundup of Advanced Gamers will be taking place six times this year in North Texas. BYOC! HardOCP and InsideVR will be doing VR Arena PvP as well for BYOC participants. Feb 9th through 11th!
  6. B

    Bakersfield, CA - LAN Party (BAKOLAN) We are voting on several dates for our upcoming LAN Parties. Join out FB group to vote on a date. We are about 2hrs north of Los Angeles. We do a lot of drinking and stick to FPS games with the occasional RTS. If you have any questions feel free to do...
  7. N

    JGL Spring Lan Party at The CO, Jackson TN 4/29-5/1

    The Jackson Gaming League will be hosting our 3rd LAN party event at The CO in Jackson TN from 6:00PM on Friday April 29 into the morning hours of Sunday May 1st. Fiber gigabit internet provided to all thanks to The CO and JEA broadband. Over 32 hours of gaming. ---Unofficial Tournaments--- *...