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    Confused on how to update firmware for Aten CS1764a KVM

    Probably I'm stupid, but I've been trying for days to upgrade the firmware of my Aten CS1764a 4-port USB KVM without getting anywhere close! Here's a link to the manual: User Manual (pdf) For example, what do you think they mean, exactly, when it says: "Disconnect the CS1762A / CS1764A from...
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    WTB - KVM w/ DVI

    Hi Everyone, Looking to get a KVM that has the following features: USB - (For Keyboard/Mouse; not ps2) DVI Only need 2 ports, but would consider more to get the job done, if the price is right. Audio not needed, but would be bonus, I suppose. Thank you!
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    Lots of Computer stuff 4 sale

    If you think the price is too high, dont be afraid to make me an offer. ;) EDIT: Payment method: Sorry, I can not accept Paypal. I can accept Money Order, Cashiers Check, etc. Heatware: Dave3d Ebay: Clambakebilly (although ebay deleted my account due to innactivity. I tried to get it back, but...
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    Audio issues with KVM

    I've successfully set up GPU pass through with KVM (with Proxmox), but I'm having some annoying issues with audio in my Windows 10 VM. After a lot of experimentation, I found that passing through my motherboard's onboard audio worked best. However, audio still crackles and distorts whenever...