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    What is JBOD?

    With JBOD does the collection of drives in the JBOD enclosure look like one drive? How does JBOD compare with normal RAID? (I'm not being a troll here. I honestly don't know. :censored: )
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    Maximum # harddisk a motherboard can handle with 2 SAS expanders

    I'm new to this JBOD thing so bear with me.. Planning to build gigantic Media server running Ubuntu. I just bought 1 HP SAS expander and an IBM M1015 SAS Card which has 2 SFF8087 ports, meaning it can hold up to 2 SAS expanders... I've measured the mobo and it looks like 2 SAS expander could...
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    Case for JBOD/DAS + Remote "turn on" PSU

    Hello everyone. I am in search of a case, near mid-tower size to handle at least 15HDD for a DAS/JBOD. The cheapest options I found are based on those 9-bay DVD Duplicators. I woud then use 3x (3x5.25 to 5x3.5) backplanes to hold 15 HDDs. Output would be from a HP SAS Expander to an Areca 1880...