1. Q

    Wifi: WPA2 cracked

    Apparently WPA2 is no longer secure. So sayeth the Guardian here, citing this site. Of course, there can be further layers of security, like https and VPN. From Vanhoef's website:
  2. FrgMstr

    Windows Defender Application Guard to Use Virtualized Environment

    There are a lot of HardOCP readers that know the value of a virtual machine running on your desktop when it comes to security and now Microsoft seems to be following suit. In an upcoming version of Windows we will be seeing Microsoft isolate its Edge browser in a Hyper V container. This is...
  3. FrgMstr

    FSP Guardian Computer Power Supply Software Review @ [H]

    FSP Guardian Computer Power Supply Software Review - When it comes to computer power supplies and software, there simply are not a lot of entrants into this niche market. However along side of our FSP Twin 500W review today, we have FSP's entrant into the world of PSU monitoring and control...