1. AlphaAtlas

    Australian Fireworks Barge Explodes on New Years Eve

    Happy New Years! If you live in Australia, you probably celebrated 2019 before just about anyone else in the world, but The Guardian reports that one of those celebrations went spectacularly wrong. A barge carrying fireworks reportedly exploded off the coast of Terrigal Beach in New South Wales...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Mystery Material Makes Batteries Safer

    Advancements in lithium Ion battery tech are largely responsible for explosive growth in other areas of technology, such as smartphones, electric cars, and autonomous robots. But those applications are often hampered by a unfortunate propery of lithium ion batteries: they tend to explode. IEEE...
  3. R

    Man Causes Explosion in Electronics Store After Biting iPhone Battery

    A man in an electronics store in China caused the replacement battery for his iPhone to explode after biting it. It is believed that the man decided to bite on the battery in an attempt to test its authenticity or durability, possibly following the same logic as people testing if an item is made...
  4. FrgMstr

    Just in Time to See and Hear a 130 Million Year Old Kilonova Explosion

    Neutron Stars colliding being witnessed is a really big deal in the geek world of astronomy, and this actually happened back in August of this year. These types of collisions are how it is believed that many of the heavy elements we know here on Earth are formed. The video below is from the...