1. AlphaAtlas

    Data Centers Consume 2% of the World's Energy

    According to a report by the Silent Partner Group of Companies, data centers eat about 2% of humanity's global energy production, and that rising figure is starting to create security and logistical issues. The release points to brief AWS power outages in March and May of this year that knocked...
  2. R

    Bitcoin's Growing Energy Problems

    This isn't the first time that we have reported on the energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining, however this is the first time that a peer reviewed paper is looking into it. Financial economist Alex de Vries published a paper in Joule today that makes a solid prediction on the amount of...
  3. R

    Army Discovery May Offer New Energy Source

    Army scientists at Aberdeen Proving Ground have made a discovery in the form of an aluminum nanomaterial that can separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water, or any liquid containing water without the need for a catalyst. Dr. Anit Giri said "Also, it is very fast. For example, we have calculated...