1. cageymaru

    Valve Offers Developers Access to Its Network via Steamworks

    Valve has updated the Steamworks SDK with new networking APIs. These APIs give Steam partners access to Valve's network, grants them protection from denial-of-service attacks, 100% reliable NAT traversal, and improved connectivity. Also included are tools for instantly estimating the ping...
  2. DooKey

    Twitter Updates Developer Rules to Stop Bots

    Twitter has released new developer rules that they hope will stop bots from proliferating across the social media platform. Basically they are saying apps or services may no longer automatically post similar contant on multiple accounts. Additionally, simultaneous Likes, Retweets, etc. can not...
  3. R

    Sneaky Ways App Developers Get You Addicted

    In a report from Business Insider, Jonathan Kay, chief operating officer of app analytics firm Apptopia goes into several of the ways that app developers use to get people hooked on using them. The article is incredibly detailed, going from Instagram's push notifications, to Twitter using the...
  4. DooKey

    Players Catch Destiny 2 Developers Misrepresenting XP Gains

    Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend Destiny 2 players posted on Reddit that they had discovered XP gain depended on what mode you were playing or how long you played. According to the players there was no in-game notice letting you know this was happening. However, after Bungie was...
  5. G

    Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week

    Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week Looks like a Samsung VR competitor, probably a simple housing that you pop your phone into.
  6. cageymaru

    Falcon Northwest Tiki VR Ready PC. Same size as a XBOX One but has Dual Fiji inside.

    Roy shows off Falcon Northwest Dual Fiji PC's. 12TB of Compute performance. Roy Taylor on Twitter WCCFTECH article say 9x the power of a XBOX One and 7x that of a PS4. Double the Compute of a Titan X. AMD Teases DX12, VR Ready PCs - 9x Faster Than XBOX One, 7x Faster Than PS4 Yet Just As Small