1. cageymaru

    CenturyLink Blocks Internet Access to Utah Customers Until They Click Pop-Up

    CenturyLink blocked internet access to its Utah customers until they clicked a pop-up that advertised CenturyLink @Ease internet filtering software. Utah has a new law that requires all internet service providers (ISP) make known to their customers the existence of content filtering software for...
  2. cageymaru

    Ubisoft to Censor Rainbow Six Siege to Appeal to Asian Territories

    Ubisoft has announced the creation of a global Rainbow Six Siege game that will fit meet regulations and compliance in certain Asian territories. This is being done to streamline the development process. Supposedly everything that will be censored is purely cosmetic. Some items that will be...
  3. DooKey

    Companies Turn Blind Eye to Open Source Security Risks

    According to Jack Germain, at LinuxInsider, a company called Flexera released very interesting survey results about companies and their use of open source software. Some of the things that jumped out at me were how many companies don't contribute to open source projects and how many don't have...