1. S

    Mixed physical servers in cluster?

    I'm working in a new environment and before my time they under spec'd their vSphere ESXi host servers. Afterwards, they went and bought a few physical servers to handle heavy workloads. So they have a small virtualized environment for non-essential servers and a few mission critical physical...
  2. cageymaru

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Adds New HPC Clusters

    The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has added a new high performance computing (HPC) cluster called Corona in partnership with Penguin Computing that features AMD and Mellanox Technologies. The unfinished HPC cluster will allow researchers and industry partners to explore data science...
  3. M

    Project: TM-β - a home cluster build

    Now that my dual-cpu cube computer is built, I'm free to move on to a new project. Introducing TM-β: Those are Xeon X5650s - 2.66ghz, 6 core/12 thread, Socket 1366 The heatsinks. Supermicro 2U passive, with heatpipes. I was going to go with something bigger, but the boards are... a...