1. AlphaAtlas

    Alphabet Launches Chrome Extension That Filters Comments With AI

    Following up on the "Perspective" hate speech filtering experiment from 2017, one Alphabet's subsidiaries, Jigsaw, recently released a machine learning-powered tool designed to filter out "toxic" comments on high traffic sites. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the extension in a fresh Chrome...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Slack Files for IPO

    The New York Times reports that Slack has filed paperwork for an initial public offering. Assuming everything goes well, you'll be able to buy shares of Slack relatively soon, and the Times points out that Slack's financials are already in a good place. A "person with knowledge of the details"...
  3. cageymaru

    Twitch Streaming Service Has Been Blocked in China

    Twitch has been blocked in China after Chinese citizens flocked to the free streaming service to watch the Asian Games. Due to state broadcaster CCTV's complete lack of coverage of the event, Twitch became the third most popular app in the iOS App Store in China. Even though Chinese esports...
  4. R

    Valve Goes After Discord With Steam Chat

    Today Valve has announced "Steam Chat," and it looks an awful lot like DIscord. In fact, other than the Steam-ish skin, well and the fact it can be integrated into Steam, it's hard to tell the difference between Steam Chat and Discord. You can see what games everyone is playing, create groups or...