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    Found: Two phones for $150-300 total (Xfinity Mobile, Verizon Unlocked, CDMA)

    EDIT: Thank you to everyone who reached out. I think I am all set here. Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy two phones to upgrade my parents' 3-year-old Android phones (LG X Charge). Their current 2GB/16GB phones keep running out of room, and my Dad's just had a battery swelling issue last week...
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    WTB: Android smartphone to be used on StraightTalk network

    EDIT: I purchased LG G5 Verizon at amazon for $200. Thanks for the tips and information. I still have LG G2 and that needs to be upgraded (nothing wrong with phone). I just want something newer. Looking for Android smartphone for around $200 that works on CDMA and GSM (unlocked). Screen should...