capture card

  1. GoldenOne

    Tearing on secondary display when cloning displays

    So I've been trying to sort this for a while now. I have two displays, an acer x34P and an elgato 4k60 pro capture card. the x34p connected via displayport and the 4k60 pro via hdmi 2.0. (I have a dual-PC setup and am not using passthrough) When I "Clone" the displays, the display that is set...
  2. GoldenOne

    Need some help with display timings/blanking intervals to move a tear off-screen

    Heyo! I am in need of some help regarding monitor timings/blanking intervals. Specifically, how to move the blanking interval. Because right now instead of the frame starting at the top/bottom of the vertical area, its starting/ending in the middle. Resulting in an image like this...
  3. X

    Capture Card help!

    Which capture card is the BEST?! I mean the internal capture card, price don't matter. Recording preference in 1080p 60fps - 4k. If you have information, post link to such as or or Please and Thanks! P.S. I want to buy it one day for gaming recording such...