artificial intelliegience

  1. cageymaru

    Palmer Luckey Details His Vision of Reshaping National Security During Interview

    During an interview with CNN, former Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey detailed his vision for national security. After selling his Oculus VR technology to Facebook and leaving the company he founded behind, Palmer Luckey co-founded Anduril Industries in Orange County, California. There his team...
  2. cageymaru

    LG Electronics to Release 8K OLED HDR TV Models in 2019 with VRR Support

    LG Electronics has announced that its new ThinQ AI And Alpha 9 Gen 2 Processor use deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze source content and enhance picture and sound based on ambient conditions. This technology will span multiple product lines of TVs from LG. The 8K TVs...
  3. cageymaru

    Fortune 500 Corporations Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Interview Job Candidates

    The Wall Street Journal has a video article from the Moving Upstream series where the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the hiring process is discussed. Almost all Fortune 500 companies use some form of automation in the hiring process. By quantifying human behavior with software...
  4. M

    AI Advances Can Spot Sexual Orientation

    The Guardian reports there is an algorithm that can guess a person's sexuality with higher accuracy than humans. Through the research, the AI determined "gender-atypical" features and expressions such as men appearing more "feminine" identified a person's sexual orientation. Data was obtained...
  5. M

    SoftBank Buys Boston Dynamics

    The mech future is steadily approaching. Alphabet Inc, parent company of Google, has agreed to sell two of its firms, Boston Dynamics and Tokyo-based Schaft. Both are in the business of designing and manufacturing robots that simulate human movement. The venture is being backed by Vision fund, a...