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    AOC G2460PG PSU Replacement

    Can anyone help me find a PSU (prefebly Amazon because Prime) that can be used for my G2460PG? It's in storage and I won't have any access to it for weeks, if not longer Here's a photo for reference- I emailed AOC and they want me...
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    FS: AOC e1759Fwu 17-Inch USB 3.0-Powered Portable Monitor

    Used once, but does not fit in backpack I use so am selling. Still wrapped in protective plastic, comes with all accessories and box. Mint condition. Asking $110 + shipping.
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    F/S or Trade [US] AOC G2460PG 144Hz 1ms G-sync 1080p Monitor

    Hi guys, selling this AOC G2460PG monitor that I bought in October 2015. It's in perfect condition and the only reason for sale is that i decided to move to 1440p. The monitor itself is great with no blb or pixel issues. Very good uniformity. I can ship to any US location but would prefer...