1. AlphaAtlas

    Researchers Develop 2D Spray On Antennas

    Researchers from Drexel University developed a spray that can be used to paint a "two dimensional" antennas on a surface. Traditional copper antennae typically found in small electronic devices are relatively large and thick, as they're limited by the "skin depth" effect. Curiously, the 100...
  2. R

    Gamers Promised Better Graphics Thanks To Nano Technology Breakthrough

    A new technology from the Australian National University promises ultra-fast rendering on gaming consoles. Senior ANU researcher Professor Dragomir Neshev says that currently, graphics are being "bottlenecked" by the copper wires used to transmit the data. So an international team of scientists...
  3. K

    ASUS Wi-Fi GO! Module Replacement Antenna Options?

    I have an ASUS Z270i Strix motherboard and I was looking around to figure out if I can use another type of antenna for the Wi-Fi module. I don't want to have a plastic thing sitting on top of my case with wires going to the I/O shield. Instead I'd rather have a couple of hard antenna on the back...