1. FrgMstr

    FSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review @ [H]

    FSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review - Redundant computer power supplies have been a fixture in the enterprise server market since failover hardware solutions were first conceived to deal with contingency planning and system disaster recovery. FSP has now brought its Twins solution...
  2. FrgMstr

    FSP Twins that are 500W Each

    PCPer has the skinny on the new FSP Twins Hot Swappable server-type computer power supply. You are either one of the folks that know you want or need this, or you don't. Our review will be published this week along with a full sister-review of the software provided with this PSU. You can buy...
  3. iFreilicht

    500W FlexATX PSU

    Introduction: The FSP500-50FSPT is a short FlexATX PSU rated at 500W power output and 80+ Platinum efficiency, made by FSP. As is typical with these PSUs, it is not available in retail stores and doesn't have any connectors for graphics cards. I want to change that, so we need to plan out a...