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    Areca 1882 not updating BIOS?

    It's maybe a bit of a silly question, but.... I have upgrade the firmware on my Areca 1882 card to 1.56. Files located here: https://www.areca.us/support/download/adapter/fw/ARC-1882.zip Now as people who use Areca cards know, that gives you 4 files. I have selected them all in the menu...
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    Areca to Areca Raid5 array speed drops to 0

    I have got two machines with Areca 1882i (8 ports) cards. The machines are connected by Mellanox Connectx-3 (10Gbps fiber) cards. Both machines have got a RAID5 array (8x2TB and 8x3TB). Alle four cards (Areca en Mellanox) are on PCI-E 3.0 x8 slots. My problem is when i copy large amount of...
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    TLER/CCTL/ERC Configuration on Areca's (1880,1882,1883 etc.)

    Hello guys, I got a short question: I got here a a few Seagate ST12000NM0007 with a TLER/CCTL/ERC value of 10.0 seconds (not changeable). Now i try to get it working with my Areca 1880, which at least supports the changing of TLER/CCTL/ERC settings on the controller (unlike others). Is that...